Resource Augmentation

The gig economy is here, and more organizations are relying on a contingent workforce to help when and where they need. Maybe it’s a project that requires part-time or full-time support that your team just doesn’t have the bandwidth to accomplish. Maybe it’s a skillset you do not have in house. Maybe you’ve lost a resource or are temporarily short staffed for one reason or another.

Capstone HCM has experienced HCM industry experts that can jump in and help you with exactly what you need, as much as you need, and for as long as you need.

Common examples where we see the need for resource augmentation include:

  • Loss of a key resource. Resources on short term or long term leave

  • Process review or process documentation to support new team members

  • Policy changes that require system configuration changes

  • Integration changes

  • New Benefit Plans or Open Enrollment

  • Tax Jurisdiction setup or maintenance

  • Support with Payroll or Tax Audits

Regardless of why, if you need to augment your team with knowledgeable, experienced resources that can hit the ground running, Capstone can help!

We can provide backfill from Admins to VPs. Learn more about our Expertise.